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How to use the Shopping Basket

We have tried to make the shopping basket as simple to use as possible.

Select the item(s) that you wish to place in the shopping basket by clicking the Add to Basket option.
When you first select an item a small piece of information is stored on your computer in the form of a cookie. This is your basket ID number. It is a 32 character hexadecimal code that uniquely identifies your personal shopping basket. Any items that you add or remove from your basket does not store extra information on your computer. Everything is kept on the website.

If you wish to delete an individual item from your basket.
You will see a small red cross next to each item in your basket. Simply click on the cross alongside the item you wish to delete for it to be remove.

If you wish to completely empty your shopping basket press Empty.
This option will remove your shopping basket altogether. The more astute of you will realise that the cookie used to access your basket is not deleted. This is quite normal.

When you wish to purchase select Checkout
When you finally wish to purchase your selected items you may select the Checkout option. You will then be presented with a registration form. If you have already registered an account with us then you may simply enter your email address and your password. If not, you will have to fill in the additional details. These delivery details are used to calculate the postage and packing used for each item. Once these details are entered (or you have logged in) you will be given a complete list of your order and the delivery cost. You then have the option to place confirm your order.

Shopping baskets are only kept for a period of two weeks from the last time you added or changed them. After this time they will be deleted.

If you do have any problems please send us an email at