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Review of Sound of the Sky (Sora no Woto) Complete Set (S)

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Overall Summary : A slightly ameteurish release, but one with a lot of care put in

Artwork/Design : 4
Story/Plot : 5
Production Quality : 4
Sound Quality4
Value for money : 5


Fantastic show, highly recommended.
Comes in English and German.
Really nice hardcover case, comes with an alternate "standard" back cover.
Includes both OVAs.
14 episodes spread over just three discs.
Beez showed some clear reverence towards the source material by throwing away a standard logo animation for one played over music and images from the anime. Dunno if this is the norm for them or what since this is my first Beez release, but it was much appreciated.
They also had a nice custom intro, splicing scenes from the opening and ending over the opening theme.
Textless opening and ending (not too sure if the Nozomi release has this or not).


They didn't do a very good job of looping the music in the menus.
Not too sure what to do with this separate back cover. Would've worked better as a slipcase.
Sadly quite lacking in the bonus features department beyond that textless OP and ED. To be fair though, all the Nozomi release seems to have on it is a version of episode 1 with the ED included, some character bios and some lineart. Nothing major.

Other Thoughts:

Almost forgot this even included a copyright message because of how it blended in with the artwork and music (it was also included in that Beez logo animation)
Every disc had that textless OP and ED. Kind of a waste when they could've put other things on them.
That custom menu intro is on every disc, over ten seconds long and unskippable. It's nice, but I can see it overstaying its welcome among some people.
For a show depicted to be in a fictionalised version of Europe, it's a bit of a shame that this couldn't have ended up also translated into French, Italian or Spanish... Actually, I don't know if Beez didn't do that. They could've been other releases for all I know.

Would you recommend this title: Yes
Review by UF8, some guy from NZ (More by this author)