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Added to our catalogue on 2nd Dec 2020

(UK)Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory [Inc. Audio Drama's] - Collector's Edition (Hyb) Blu-Ray

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UK/Region 2/B disk and requires a compatible or multi-region player.

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory [Inc. Audio Drama's] - Collector's Edition (Hyb) Blu-Ray

The fourth season of Full Metal Panic! is finally available to add to your collection! Featuring content exclusive to our release that adds more story for you to experience!

Amalgam has made its move to gather up the whispered—specifically Kaname Chidori! And Leonard Testarossa is ready to do anything to get her. Determined to keep Chidori safe, Sousuke stays close by her side, which proves to be more dangerous than ever before. But when her friend’s lives are put in danger, Chidori makes a choice that could bring a tragic end to this battle. Up against new weaponry and deadly foes, can Sousuke and the soldiers of Mithril stop Amalgam and protect the ones they love.

On the discs: 
•All 12 episodes of Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory with both English and original Japanese with English subtitles viewing options over two Blu-ray discs.
On-disc extras: 
• Very Merry Christmas Audio Drama *Exclusive to our release*
• Six “What If?” Audio Dramas *Exclusive to our release*
• Episode Commentaries
• Episodes 4.5 and 8.5
• Location Scouting Videos  
• “Even...if” Music video and making of
•Textless Opening & Closing Song
*The audio dramas have not been released any English speaking territory before! The Very Merry Christmas Audio Drama is an adaptation of a story published in Japan that bridges the gap between The Second Raid and Invisible Victory.
Packaging and Physical Contents:  Comes packed in a rigid case with a an amaray case to hold the four Blu-ray discs. 
Also included is a whopping 180-page featuring character art, AS (ARM SLAVE) and props, artworks and gallery.

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