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Drama Queen

Added to our catalogue on 8th Oct 2014

White Guardian GN (PM)

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White Guardian GN (PM)

The Kingdom of Landa, once a proud country, is weakened by internal espionage and strife with its neighbors. In order to save the country, Linth Highwind Belc Landa IV, Crown Prince of Landa, returns to his country determined to bring about change. But missing from his plans is a man - the one man who had left behind the intrigue of the palace for the freedom of the sea.
General Sei - Landa's legendary hero - now guards Landa from his command post on a naval ship. Unknown to the general, among the new ensigns on board is a young prince who is secretly plotting his return to shore! As fate has it, the opportunity comes when the general saves Linth during a fierce battle. Using his gratitude as an excuse, the prince confronts the general about his absence from home - but suddenly finds himself at the general's mercy!
How far will Linth go to bring Sei home? Can a battle-weary soldier become a guardian angel?

Story and art by Duo Brand.

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