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Added to our catalogue on 27th May 2000

Video Girl AI Volume 2 (M)

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Video Girl AI Volume 2 (M)

Story and Art by Masakazu Katsura

Beautifully drawn romantic comedy! High school student Yota Moteuchi has a nickname among his classmates: "Dateless." That doesn't stop him from falling in love with his gentle classmate Moemi, but his heart is broken when she tells him that she loves Yota's best friend, the immensely popular Takashi. Crushed, Yota enters a mysterious video shop, Gokuraku, where he rents a video starring the cute young idol Ai Amano. But when he plays the video, Ai emerges from the TV and lands in Yota's bed-a real-life video girl dedicated to improving his love life whether he likes it or not!

As the VCR overheats, the "defective" Ai is recalled by her heartless creator back into the video world whence she came! And finally, when she is allowed to return to Yota's side, it is under one condition: she cannot allow herself to fall in love with him, or she will be deleted! Will she be seduced instead by Yota's classmate, the artistic-and scheming-Takao Sorayama? Meanwhile, Moemi's relationship with Takashi is hollow, and she turns to her "good friend" Yota for reassurance. But is it just reassurance she wants...or have Yota's dreams been answered?

This graphic novel copies the VIDEO GIRL AI stories from ANIMERICA EXTRA Vol. 2, No. 8 to Vol. 3, No. 4. 192 pages; Softcover

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