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Dark Horse

Added to our catalogue on 10th Feb 2004

Seraphic Feather War Crimes TPB (M)

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Seraphic Feather War Crimes TPB (M)

The lure of powerful alien technology discovered on a buried alien starship on the dark side of the moon is the nexus for an international, even interplanetary, game of power, deception, and violence.

The key players: Sunao Oumi, a young paranormal unwittingly caught up in the maelstrom; M-ZAK, a beautiful (and lethal) super-agent; Kei Heidemann, Sunao�s back- from-the-dead former love; and Apep Heidemann, Kei�s brother, a mysterious scientist who has harnessed the alien craft�s unimaginable power.

M-Zak and Sunao are on the trail of vicious kidnappers who�ve taken Kei hostage. The kidnapping is only part of a plot by the Dystra Corporation to stage a coup and take control of the moon from UN forces, with a final goal to make the moon independent from earth!

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