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Added to our catalogue on 16th Aug 2001

Redmoon #2 GN (M)

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Redmoon #2 GN (M)

The next day, Philar awakens and believes everything was just a wild dream; so he heads back to school. However, when he arrives his teacher punishes him for yesterday’s 'trouble' by having him run ten laps. As he finishes the last lap, hardly out of breath, he starts to wonder what really has happened to him. He has changed both physically and mentally...

Kitara, daughter of a shaman , uses her psychic abilities to warn Philar via telepathy. But this display of power provokes Lunarena into attacking Kitara; preventing further awakening of Philar’s memories. But, Sadad has something to say about that...

Meanwhile, Philar discovers the full use of his powers and doesn't hesitate to kick some android butt! Overwhelmed with the changes occuring and the flood of memories...he's plagued by nightmares of becoming a freak show, or science oddity. Even worse...he ponders if he won't make it....

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