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Added to our catalogue on 26th Jul 2019

Lovely GN (L) Adult

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Lovely GN (L) Adult

Double your pleasure with the first release from a rising star!

Being apart of student government can be pretty draining, but when you have a pair of sweet and sour sisters on your back, it can be hard to get work done. Hayato is in a rush to school followed by twin sisters, the older tsundere Kaede and the quiet airhead Suzu. While they all get along, Kaede, while very cute, can be pretty rough around the edges and Suzu has a plan to soften those edges. After a bit of trickery, Hayato and Suzu wrapped up and decided to have a little fun with her. As they work away her hardened exterior, she softens up and they all let their true feelings known.

Lovely†by†Kyockcho†nine chapters of busty tsundere with slender legs and charming personalities. These flirty girls love to play with the guy closest to their heart, but love it even more when they get the tables turned on them, becoming their toy. Collecting nine chapters, Lovely is every bit the title claims to be!

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