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Added to our catalogue on 8th Apr 2019

(USA)Hentai Heaven Collection 7 (Hyb) Blu-ray Adult

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Hentai Heaven Collection 7 (Hyb) Blu-ray Adult

Hentai Heaven Collection 7: Two Fetish Freaks and the Psychic contains Nasty Thoughts, Dirty Deeds; Panty-Monium; and Cat Play Punishment.

First up is Nasty Thoughts, Dirty Deeds, based on the adult manga by Lapis Lazuli. A young man named Satoru begins dating Megumi, the school’s hottest girl, and discovers that he has the ability to read her mind! Their relationship quickly escalates as Satoru continues to ‘hear’ Megumi’s every intimate thought and sexual desire which he acts upon without delay! Megumi is astonished and can’t fathom how Satoru seems to sense her every urge and impulse?

Panty-Monium A young man, Shuu, is obsessed with a beautiful woman, Hime, whom he observes buying flowers at a local shop every day. They soon hook up and Shuu introduces Hime to his personal fantasies­ a rotating sexual smorgasbord of oddball fetishes! Shuu’s almost scientific attention to detail with his panty obsession, then his discovery of knee­socks and stockings are almost too much for Hime to comprehend! Hime is dazed and confused but nevertheless enjoys the whirlwind, erotic thrill ride as her friend’s strange tastes trigger binge shopping sprees to replenish her ever diminishing wardrobe!

Cat Play Punishment When Haruna loses a video game to her gamer boyfriend Shogo, she has pledged to comply with Shogo’s every random command for the next 24 hours. When Shogo makes Haruna perform cosplay in a pair of cat ears and a tail, the real fun and humorous humiliation begin! Soon, Haurna’s embarrassment turns into ecstasy and pleasure that leads to an erotic self discovery that even shocks Haruna, herself! Based on the adult manga by Miyabi.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

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