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Added to our catalogue on 18th Aug 2010

Heathen City Vol. 3 'Joker to the Thief' (Adult) (M)

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Heathen City Vol. 3 'Joker to the Thief' (Adult) (M)

Three months after the events of the first book, the world seems to have calmed down. For those three months, things seem quiet, and everyone who survived what happened on the Corinthia gets to catch their breath… even if that means being hooked up to life support.

But there are shadows moving on the horizon. As our heroes struggled to survive, they brushed against powerful forces, and fate has a way of turning things back on you. Powerful forces like a multinational private military contractor that’s simply itching to expand their domestic urban pacification contract and privatize the police.

Tony and Imelda Caulfield, mother and son, find themselves locked in a cycle of murder, euthanasia, forgiveness and rage that transcends time, space, life and death. Malloy learns all too plainly that anything he touches withers, and anyone whose life he enters is worse off for it. And one lone cop on the wrong side of sixty tilts at windmills one last time.

Guns, conspiracies, betrayal, madness… and just that faintest glimmer of love, and hope of a normal life. This is Heathen City at its core.

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