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Added to our catalogue on 21st Oct 2010

(USA)Gantz Complete Series (Hyb) - Classic Line

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Gantz Complete Series (Hyb) - Classic Line Gantz Complete Series (Hyb) - Classic Line

If you are chosen by the bizarre black sphere known as the Gantz, you are already dead. You remember dying, yet you can eat, sleep, have sex; it feels a lot like life. Strangers join you in this limbo. While some are good, some are very bad. All are dead like you - for now.
You might be able to reclaim your mortality, but first, the Gantz demands that you undertake missions of brutality and madness, killing aliens hidden among the population. It is your only chance and you have no choice. You must play this disturbing game. You must experience this nightmare. And if you die again - and you likely will - it's permanent.

Contains episodes 1-26.
Special Features: Interview with Director Ichiro Itano, Interview with Daisuke Namikawa (Kei Kurono), Cast Talk Featuring Daisuke Namikawa (Kuron), Masashi Osato (Kato) & Hitomi Nabatame (Kishimoto), Cast Talk Featuring Masashi Osato (Kato), Hitomi Nabatame (Kishimoto) & Rakkyo Ide (Suzuki Alien), Interview with Director Ichiro Itano & Yasuhiro Kato (CG Director), Japanese TV Spots, Interview with Hiroya Oku (Gantz Creator) & Chiaki Kuriyama (Japanese Actress), Interview with Hiroyuki Hayase (Sound Director), Hitomi Nabatame (Kishimoto) & Masashi Osato (Kato), The Secret Behind the Impeccable Images of Gantz, Gantz DVD Special Features Collection, Gantz Music Video, Textless Opening Songs, Textless Closing Songs.
Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

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