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Added to our catalogue on 31st Jul 2020

I'm Rather... Fond Of You. GN (L) Adult

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I'm Rather... Fond Of You. GN (L) Adult

Being hit by a car would be a terrible accident for most, but one lucky guy just hit the jackpot! After finding out the car was owned by a wealthy company, the mega-corp lends him one of their own personal maids, the expressionless but graceful Toori, to take care of his battered body.

Using her pouty lips, slender hands, and soft curves, Toori does everything her master asks of her to satisfy him. As she edges him close to climax, he asks Toori to take charge and her body language changes. The thought of being in charge is intoxicating and a maid always obeys her master, even if it's too much for him to handle!

I'm Rather... Fond of You. Manga features story and art by Hishigata Tomaru.

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